Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I Wish I Would of Done It Sooner

The last several months I've noticed my body getting tired and wore out taking care of Noah. Even the little task of pulling Noah and his chair up the one step from his room to the kitchen has gotten harder. I've been changing somethings on how I take care of him because it's surely not going to get any easier as I grow older. The idea of not being to take care of him literally tears me up inside. So, back to idea of making things easier, I recently started using a ramp we had to get Noah to and from his room. I even use his shower chair on it to get him in and out of the shower. I used to carry him to his shower and back to his room to get him dressed. One of the best things about using the ramp his seeing how much Noah enjoys it. I just wish I would have thought about using it sooner.

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