Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School 2015

                                      Today as I scroll  through Facebook and see all the first day of school pictures, I can't help to think what it would be like for me if Noah was a typical boy. While all the other Mom's are thinking about  their children's last first day of high school and what it will be like when their child will leave the nest next year to start their lives, I think about how we'll never really have an empty nest. Most days I'm glad that we'll always have one of our children at home and never know what it's like to have an empty nest. But, some days like today I wonder what Noah would be like if he was a typical 17 1/2 year old young man. Would he play football? basketball? tennis? track? band?  what college would he attend when he graduated and what would he study while he was there?  This school year I want to make it Noah's best school year yet. We are planning on having Noah "graduate with his class. That way his peers will know Noah was a part of them. I hope his classmates realize how much it has meant to Noah and his family to feel like just "One of the Guys"       Here's to a great year at Shelby Senior High School. GO WHIPPETS!!!!!!                                                                            

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