Thursday, January 16, 2014

A Special Needs Mom's Journey

I've been on this special needs Mom journey for almost 16 years. Some days have been really hard. Other days it has just become a way of life that it doesn't seem to bother me. As I look back on the last 16 years I have seen myself  change into someone I don't even recognize sometimes.
 I've have worked so hard to take care of Noah that I've neglected to take care of myself. Most days I'm so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done that I shut down and do nothing. I've forgotten what it feels to like to be me. Even when I'm out and about and someone sees me, a lot of times I hear, I know you your Noah's Mom. I feel honored to be known as Noah's Mom but, it would be great to be known as  Susan too.
With the new year I've been trying to find ways to take care of myself and find ways to make myself feel less overwhelmed. So far it has been working. I took the time to redo Noah's schedule so I have more time for myself. I've been eating healthier and working out everyday. So far it has been working. I've felt less tired and a lot less overwhelmed. I've have set goals for myself and I'm well on my way to a better me.

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jaclyn said...

I so have them feelings. There are days i do anything cause I am overwhelmed. I am pretty much only known as Preston's mom. I need to take some of your advice and start doing some things for me.