Thursday, January 9, 2014

Respecting Noah

When Noah and I were at the last ABR training they had a small presentation about respecting your  child for who he is. I really feel I do a pretty good job at that. We don't spend our time running from this therapy and that therapy. The only therapy we do is ABR. I do 2hrs and 15min a day doing therapy M-F. Since we've been home I have changed up his schedule  a bit through the week. Noah used to go to school M-F. 8:30-12:30 and then we would come home and start therapy. Now with the idea of respecting Noah more I thought about what he enjoys most about being at school. I decided that Noah loves being with his friends the most and I really wanted him to be with his typical peers as well more. My vision for Noah is for his typical peers feeling comfortable around him and not to be afraid to at least say hi. Starting at the beginning of the year Noah has been going to school from 8-2. He has been going to the lunch room with 3 teenage girls and loving it. What teenage boy wouldn't want eating lunch with 3 girls without adult supervision? I think it's now the best part of his day.
To add to the idea of Noah interacting with his typical peers, we are continuing to go to all the home boys basketball games. This year we have even made cookies for all the players and coaches for every game. We get to the games early enough that Noah can watch the boys playing around in the gym before the games. The team is starting to get a lot more comfortable around Noah. They are starting to come up to him during their practice to say hi. Thanks guys, that means a lot to us. Noah is starting to feel like one of the guys.

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