Friday, March 23, 2012

Noah's First Dance

 I know I posted these to Facebook already but, I wanted then on the blog as well for the memories.
 Noah had his first dance today. It was fun watching the kids enjoying themselves.

 Noah and Ms. Harding.  The boys love when Ms. Harding helps in their class.

 Theresa was a bit embarrassed at first to dance.  Once she got going she was having so much fun.
 Paige and Noah dancing.

 If was awesome to experience Noah's first dance with him.

 Noah with Mrs. Wilson.  She is one of the  awesome aides in Noah's classroom.
 Mrs. Wilson is one of the reasons Noah loves going to school.


 Mr. Argo is another one of the awesome aides in Noah's classroom. Noah adores him.  He is so good with the kids.
Too Cool for School

I'm so glad I made the decision to put Noah at the Shelby Middle School.
He has just blossomed and he loves being there.  Thanks to all his teachers and aides that have taken the time to show Noah that going to school can be fun and it is something to smile about.


JoJo Stewart said...

Just wonderful! What a delight it was for him and all involved. He has made such progress, thanks to his loving family and everyone that he has touched. What a special boy!

Bob Tinnell said...

I love that kid. And his parents are amazing.

Phil Dzialo said...

Absolutely very happy for this great experience!