Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Noah's Day at the Horror Hotel

Every October we would take the girls to Horror Hotel. Its a museum of modern horror and classic horror.  It is something we always look forward too.  Sadly we have never been able to take Noah.  Its a guided tour and it also goes upstairs. It always been too hard to take Noah.  Last Thursday, they had an Open House where you could just go in to look around.  Scott contacted Dave Lady and asked if it would be possible to bring Noah in to see the first floor.  He said sure thing, we even have a ramp we can put out on porch so Noah can get in easier.

Noah absolutely loved it.  As soon as we got in he started looking all around.  It was really awesome to watch Noah finally be able to see Horror Hotel.  Thanks Dave for letting us bring Noah.
If you would like to visit the Horror Hotel this next October check out their website.  Its a great family event because nothing jumps out at you.

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Phil Dzialo said...

Seems like such an amazing experience for all...warm regards