Friday, March 23, 2012

You are probally asking?

How did it go?

  Our first appointment that day was the dietitian,  She came out with an attitude.   She weighed Noah and then went right into what we are doing wrong, I said, "Wait a minute...  what did he weigh today?" She said, "Oh 59 something." She then preceded to ask me if I was putting butter on his vegetables and sugar on his fruit.  I told her no, that I go the more healthy route like olive oil and flax seed oil.  I really must of hit a nerve because she got in my face and was telling me the benefits of butter and sugar.  I guess it was a good thing I didn't ask her how I was going know if the butter stayed on the vegetables and the sugar stayed on the fruit.  She also told me that the Cleveland Clinic wouldn't keep her around if she was making kids unhealthy.  Like I said, I must of hit a nerve....

   The next appointment was with Dr. Kaplan his GI doctor.  I just love Dr. Kaplan.  She has been seeing Noah since he was 3 years old.  She is amazing.  When she looked at Noah's weight she was so excited.  He had gained 2lbs. Did you see that?  2lbs!!!!!   Praise God!!! She was even more impressed that he had gained that in a week after being in the hospital for dehydration.  I asked if she was worried about him being malnourished.  She said, "Not one little bit"  She wants a weight check in 3months and doesn't want to see him for another 6 months.

  Before I left I made an appointment for a weight check in 3 months and the GI and the pulminologist in 6months. By the time I got home I decided to cancel the weight check.   There is no reason to drive 2hrs just to be down graded and to feel like the worst Mom for Noah, just to get his weight checked.  We'll be going to his pedetrician and they can fax it.  We will not going back to that nutrionist, period!!

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Phil Dzialo said...

They simply do not understand our kids. Noah looks great! Noah looks healthy! Noah rebounded quickly from his last scare! Butter ok! Sugar a no-no! Throw in an avacado or extra virgin olive oil! He looks great!