Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trisomy 8 Day

Imagine you child being diagnosed with Trisomy and never hearing of it...... asking yourself what is Trisomy and searching the internet to find answers and not knowing if this precious child will live or die...imagine feeling lost or alone. I remember our very quiet ride back from Columbus the day Noah was diagnosed. Scott and I were both in shock and unable to even say a word to each other. We felt helpless that we weren't going to be able to "fix" our baby boy and feeling so sick to our stomach with the news we had just received. Can you imagine how we felt when we were told to put our sweet baby in a home and walk away because he would always be a vegetable. It was the worst feeling by far. It has been 18 years since that day. I wonder what that doctor would think of Noah now.... Would she still think he is vegetable?  That his life has no value? Grant it hasn't been the easiest road that we have traveled as a family but we are all better people because of it.

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