Wednesday, March 15, 2017

One Year of Noah/Kehres Day

It has been one year of being blessed by the Kehres family.They have made leaving Noah with someone besides family so easy. We may have thought about Noah while he was in their care but we were never worried.
Noah loves going to the Kehres' He loves to hangout with Todd and watch sports. In fact the last time he was at their house Noah got upset because Todd and had left to go do something. Deanie ended up calling Todd to tell him he needed to come home because Noah wanted him. Talk about spoiled.....
 Thanks you again Kehres' family for all you do. Scott and I have really enjoyed our time together. It has really made a difference in our relationship with each other. You've been such a blessing to us and the words thank you don't even seem enough. We appreciate more then you will ever know.

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