Saturday, February 13, 2016

Basketball Senior Night

 When having a special needs child there comes a point that you realize those milestones or things that you look forward to experiencing with your child just aren't going to happen. One of those things is having your son being recognized on senior night for a sport. Noah has spent his high school career sitting on the side line cheering on his typical peers. He loves to get into the line to get his hand slapped by the players. He may sit in silence while he is watching a game but is enjoying every minute of it. This year Coach Schwemley gave Noah a jersey to wear to the games. Noah loved that jersey. I believe he really felt part of the team. There would be times that Noah was unhappy with me when I was interrupting his squiggle time on the floor to put him in his chair. As soon as I would start to put his jersey on to go to the game he would instantly  smile and make his happy noises. He was so proud of that jersey and truly felt part of the team. Thank you Coach Schwemley it has meant so much to Noah and us.
That being said, we got an email from Coach that he wanted to honor Noah on senior night. Our dream as parents was coming to true. What an amazing feeling it was to get that email and realize that the one thing that we thought wasn't going to happen was coming true. We couldn't have been more excited.
We were asked to prepare a senior profile to be read after they introduced Noah.
Favorite Restaurant: Taco Bell
Favorite Food: Cotton Candy
Favorite Movie: Hoosiers
Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: Root Beer Float
Favorite Athlete: Corey Kluber
Most Memorable Shelby Sport Moment: Winning the 6th man award was the top of the list until tonight! This is awesome!
Future Plans: I plan on getting stronger every day with the therapy my Mom does with me, and someday I'd love to surprise everyone and walk in this gym to watch a ball game.
Advice for Future Shelby Basketball Players: You can do anything you put your mind to as long as you're willing to work hard.
Favorite Professional Sports Team:  Cleveland Indians
Message to my Family and Friends: To my Mom and Dad: Thanks for all you do for me every day. I know you're proud of me and I'll always love you both.
To my sisters: Sorry Mom and Dad have had to spend so much time with me over the years but I know how much you both love me. Thanks for understanding and thanks for all the hugs, kisses and support over the years. I love you both.
To all fans and players, past, present, and future: All I've ever wanted was to be accepted and loved. I always feel both around Whippet players and fans.
Thank You!! 

The night didn't stop there.....  Noah also got to experience coming out and getting his hand slapped by all the fans. What a dream come true for all of us. To hear Noah's name be called and to see him come out under the lights was truly a magical moment. Something we thought we would never see or hear.
We got to stay at our seats and experience it like all the other senior parents.  Noah's friend and fellow teammate Davey Hipp was his personal chauffeur if you will. 
Thank you to all the coaches, players and fans for making this a night a night we will never forget.
It's Great to be a Whippet!!! 

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