Friday, January 22, 2016

A Much Better Week

As I look back on this week, I can say it has turned out much better then last week. Last week I was really struggling. This week I took the time to reflect and try and get to the bottom to why I was feeling so beaten down with life. As I looked at each layer of it I tried to do something to make it better.  I can proudly say that I have dealt with must of it and feel so much better. Bottom line its my job to make sure Noah is Happy, Healthy and loved.
 Doesn't he look so awesome sitting up in his bed by himself? The things wrapped around him are his bladders for his ABR machine he wears to bed.

At this point he was getting tired and was about to go all the way down and I asked him to look at me and this was the look I got. the little booger....
One of things I was struggling with is our ABR therapy. I was feeling overwhelmed with it and Noah wasn't cooperating at all. With a phone call into the ABR center and new plan of action, I have tweaked what we were doing and worked on our ABR schedule and it has went much better this week. In fact Noah is back to falling to sleep during therapy, which means we can get much better quality of therapy in. 
It can be very hard sometimes but I just need to keep trusting in God that he is going to help me deal with what I have been given.

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