Monday, August 4, 2014

Noah's Preop Appointment

Noah's preop appointment went really well. In May when Dr. Anne looked in Noah's ear she noticed his eardrum had appeared to be collapsed because of all the scar tissue. Because of this he would have to have his tragus (cartilage on the outside of his ear, shown in the picture by the arrow.) removed and placed under his eardrum so it wouldn't rest on the electrodes of his implant.    She looked in his ear today and said it looked beautiful and most likely this part of the procedure wouldn't be necessary anymore. How awesome is that?
Noah's surgery will be on August 19th. Only 2 weeks away. He won't get his processor until Sept. 23rd. I want to be able to take Noah to a Indian's game on Sept. 28th. He went 2 years ago before he had glasses and hearing aides. Last year he went and he had his glasses and hearing aides. This year I want to take him knowing he can see and hear. I'm hoping to make it a reality.

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