Thursday, April 24, 2014

We Have Come A Long Way

  When we were in Michigan last week, it brought back a lot memories of when Noah was diagnosed with Trisomy 8. 


Noah was 15 months old. We were told to that we would be better off just putting him in a home and walking away.  How could someone do that to thier child?


We walked out of that office that day and never looked back. We set out to prove that doctor wrong. Noah is a beautiful child of God that deserves to be loved unconditionally. He has a such beautiful soul and has so much potential. 


                  He is the bravest little boy I know. He gives me so much strength. 


                       He always finds a way to smile and has the most beautiful eyes. 

The drive home last Friday was a lot different then the day he was diagnosed. The day he was diagnosed with Trisomy 8 we were in such shock and spoke not a word to each other all the way home. It was quiet, lonely ride home.  When drove home last Friday we talked about the future and the potential for Noah to hear a lot better then he does now. We have come along way in the last 15 yrs. It can only get better from here.

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