Wednesday, April 16, 2014

On The Road Again

    Today I spent most of my day focusing on Jesus and what he has done for me. Morgan, Emily and I went to see Heaven Is For Real. What a great movie. I loved the book and the movie was just as good. It definitely makes you think about where you are in your relationship with Jesus. All three of us were in tears several times through the movie. Emily and I then went to see the Easter pageant at the First Church of God called Were You There? What a moving experience.

     Tomorrow we travel to University Hospital in Michigan to have a consultation with a doctor that will perform a hearing test on Noah on Friday. They will put Noah to sleep and see if Noah's brain processes sound. If it responds well we will proceed with cochlear implants surgery. If you can say a few prayers Noah and us, it would be greatly appreciated. Leaving him for new procedure never gets any easier. We should fine out the results right after they are done.  Pray for a good outcome.

      On Sunday Noah and I on the road again. We are traveling to Montreal Canada for our next ABR training. Looking forward to a learning from the creator of ABR Leonid Blum. It's always a very informative intense experience. Pray for safe  travels. 


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