Thursday, September 5, 2013

Noah's Class is on the Move

Noah's class was presented with a really cool golf cart yesterday. The golf cart was made possible thanks to the effort of their teacher Kelly Zakrasjsek, a generous donation from Angela Philips and the volunteer work of Mike and Sandy Hershiser.

 His teacher Ms Zak got the idea of a golf cart in the spring. She wanted a easier way to get out and about around the school and the community.
 It"s decked out with grey pin striping and whippet dogs.
 Richland Newhope donated harnesses for the kids that needed extra help with support and Noah's old car seat was strapped on so he could ride too.

 Now the kids in Noah's class can be chauffeured around the community by any of the teachers or helpers in his class. "The whole idea was to get them out of the classroom and with typical people as much as they can. People look at them and they're afraid of them, they're afraid to touch them or shake their hand or just talk to them. This makes them more typical when people see them out not always in their wheelchairs and out doing stuff.." Ms. Zak via Shelby Daily Globe
Look for Noah and his class around town and make sure to say Hi.

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Jay Stewart said...

The school officials and the parents must've been really grateful to those behind this wonderful gift. This will surely make the children very happy. A golf cart ride is a great way to expose them to their surroundings.

Jay Stewart @ A Plus Carts and Parts