Thursday, September 12, 2013

Finding Noah His Voice

When people look at Noah they see a boy in a wheelchair that most often looks like he is unaware of the world around him. He is unable to speak and they assume he doesn't understand. They are afraid to say Hi and just stare instead.
 When I look at Noah I see a boy that is stuck in a body that doesn't work for him. I can't imagine how hard it is to sit in a chair and watch the world go by you and not have a way to interact, not be able to show people you are a person that has feelings too.
 Don't get me wrong, Noah loves life and enjoys getting out and about. I just wish it was easier for him to interact with his world.
 One thing we have found if you take the time to get his attention he will respond to you. Get in his face, hold his hands and talk to him. He will reward you with the most heart warming smile you will ever see.
After I put Noah to bed at night I spend my time trying to find things that may give him a better quality of life. The other night I came across Eagle Eyes and was blown away by the potential for Noah. A young gentlemen was originally  thought to have a mind of a 6 month old was able to graduate from high school with a diploma using this technology.
Part of me is excited about the potential for Noah to finally be able to show the world that he is the smart young man that I always knew he was. There is another part of me that thinks, what if it doesn't work for Noah, what if his attitude gets in the way and what if I was wrong all along and he isn't as smart as I always thought he was.
I did some more research and was able to find the website that could give me more information. Boston College has developed the Eagle Eye Project. The purpose of the Eagle Eyes Project is to help people with severe physical disabilities develop and be educated to their fullest by enabling them to access the computer. They work with people, mainly children and young adults, who cannot speak and can move only their eyes or head.

I guess its time to keep researching and find away that Noah can try out this technology and see if it will work for him. I guess there is no rest for the weary.
I sure hope that Eagle Eyes will work and I don't getting disappointed.
 Only time will tell......

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Janet said...

What a handsome boy=)
We have a son with mosaic trisomy 8, just ran across your blog today.
After diagnosis over a year ago, you are the first person I have found that I could contact. Hope school is going well for your son.