Friday, July 19, 2013

Our COSI Trip

Noah was so ready to get out of the house and do something fun. It's been so hot here and he has been couped up in the house trying to keep cool.
Our van's air conditioning went out so we went with my niece Debbie. Thank goodness we had Noah's stroller. We could have never had been able to go without it. We were packed tight with Noah, 4 kids, a wheelchair and a double stroller.
Noah was looking at little concerned with the idea.
We were heading out of town and got as call from Morgan. She was wondering if we had room for one more. It was a bit ruff but, we made room.
Noah loved all the hands on activities.
He launched a hot air balloon.
Maddie had fun helping Noah.
Issiah on the tight rope unicycle.
Ethan had fun looking in the microscope.
Noah really enjoyed playing in the water fountain.

What a great day of fun.

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Phil Dzialo said...

Seems that Noah had an exciting and invigorating experience at the science discovery center...being out and with others is so very important. warm wishes to all......