Sunday, July 21, 2013

Noah and The OSU Basketball Team


Noah got to get dressed in the OSU's therapy room.


Scott:   Ten of the roster of twelve players were there today, although now I can't think of who the two were who were absent. Matta wasn't there either (away on a recruiting trip). I would've loved the opportunity to speak to him for a little bit. What a fun time! The players were all easily approachable; they were having just as much (if not more) fun than all of us "regular" folks. It was basically just a free-for-all shoot-around. Eight baskets around a huge gymnasium (in the newly built portion of the Schottenstein Center). The facility is amazing. Got to walk out onto the floor of the big arena, although the basketball floor wasn't down. There had been a concert there a few days before and the whole place was in kind of a shambles. Aaron Craft went out of his way to make Noah feel comfortable. He was easy to talk to and was so accommodating to everyone. Lenzelle Smith is a real cut-up; something you don't see during a game on television. At the end of the day, all of the players signed balls for the kids. They also had a stack of OSU letterhead there so the Dads could have a memento of the occasion (mine is full of autographs now!). All in all, a great day! Go Bucks! O-H....!
I was amazed Aaron remembered Noah from last year. He even called him by name.
Every time we tried to take a picture of Noah with Aaron Craft, he wouldn't stop looking at him. (Kinda like when he gets his picture with Austin Rohde)
What a happy guy.
Emily was excited that she got to go too.

We got to watch the OSU Basketball Team play around for a bit.
After they got done playing Noah got a ball signed by all the players.

What a great day!!!!

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