Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We wonder.......

 Noah made it through the winter pretty healthy until last week. He started out the week with pink eye and bronchitis and by Wednesday he had two ear infections and pneumonia. He spent a lot of time on our new big comfy couch. After 3 days of rocephin shots he is doing much better.
 On Tuesday we headed up to the Cleveland Clinic for a follow-up of his MRI. We found out that he is structural sound for a cochlear implant.
 We have really been struggling with the whole idea of  the implants. What is best for Noah? Yes, his head is structurally sound but, is his brain going to be able to process the sound? Will we have the surgery done and it won't make a difference?
Since the last time we talked with Dr. Malhaltra the implant team found a doctor in Michigan that can do a procedure that can test  the brain on how it  processes sound. Is that answer to prayer or what?  Right now they are working with insurance to see if they will pay for him to be flown in to do the test on Noah and a few other children. That way we will know if  cochlear implants are what is best for Noah before the surgery is even done. I'm to call in a week to see where they are at with that process. Please keep Noah and the Implant Team in your thoughts and prayers. It would be awesome to have this test done and know for sure if cochlear implants are going to help Noah.

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