Sunday, March 10, 2013

Noah's MRI

 We had to be at the Cleveland Clinic at 7am on Friday morning. We decided to go on Thursday evening, that way we wouldn't have to get up so early. Going the night before sounded good in theory but, Noah doesn't sleep well when he isn't in his own bed. He may have gotten 2hrs of sleep. Which meant I got 2 hrs of sleep. Watching him have fun in the pool made it worth it though.
 Waiting for them to come get him for his MRI. I was able to carry him back and his Dad was able to walk back with us for the first time.
 Even though Noah hasn't taken one step in his Peach's Neet Feet he has still found a way to wear them out. Noah did so well before hand. Usually he works him self and gets very congested. He actually smiled and laughed at the  anesthesiologist. (She was very good with him. She treated him like any other child, instead of assuming he doesn't understand like most of them do.)
 Since he hadn't slept the night before he had a hard time waking up. Corduroy puppy even tried tickling his ear to wake him up.
 He finally woke up just enough so we could head home. We go back on March 19th to find out the results of the MRI. Hopefully we find out that Noah is a good candidate for a Cochlear Implant.
We finished off our weekend by going to see Oz.  It was Noah's first movie with hearing aides and glasses. It was awesome seeing him scan the movie screen. Now I can't wait to take him to another Indians game.

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