Sunday, August 26, 2012

He will Provide

 In October it will mark 4 years we have been doing ABR.  Noah has grown in strength  and has been much healthier.  But, his goofy grin hasn't changed a bit.
 This the front of the ABR Center. I remember walking through these doors for the first time and being so scared and excited at the same time.  Part of me was afraid that they would tell us that ABR couldn't help Noah and the other part of me was excited that we may have found the one thing that could help Noah the most. Four years later we have realized it was the latter.
 This is about 1/4th of the new families that started with us. I often wonder how many of the families are still doing ABR.

 When we decided to try ABR, it felt like we were stepping out into the great unknown. We traveled to a different country and spent a week amongst people who spoke a different  language.  I think it was the scariest thing we have ever done. But, I'm so glad we did.  Noah has come a long way and I can see a better quality of life for him and us because of it.  I always said, if God wants us to continue ABR for Noah he will provide and he has done just that. Just today some of Noah's Earth Angels knocked on the door and handed us a check for our traveling expanses to Montreal in October. We are so blessed to live in such a awesome community.
Thank You So Much!!!!!!

*These pictures are 4 years old, when we started ABR.


Phil Dzialo said...

Regardless of your system of belief, I truly believe that with faith and knowing, the universe will give us what we need to accomplish our tasks. It's wonderful that the universal energy of Source has provided you what is needed...usually it is just enough. I am sure that you will continue to receive what is needed for all time...good people are treated that way!

Gavin said...

YAY! I can honestly say its been a definite pleasure to have been around for the beginning of your journey...and hopefully i'll be thee for the entire ride! This is great news and makes me really happyyyy!! All the best to you all!! GAVIN