Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween

Scott and I had a great time making Noah Captain Kirk and making his wheelchair the Starship Enterprise.
When I was getting Noah out of the van at our church for the Halloween party, Emily asked me why we spent so much time and energy just for a costume that he was going to use for 2 hrs. I explained to her it was more than just a costume. It is one of the things we can do to enjoy and have fun with our son. Enjoy we did.
"Beam me up Scotty"

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Oatie - IWillSkate on Ice said...

Hi Noah,
I LOVED your Captain Kirk Outfit... just loved it.

It was so lovely to meet you and your mum and dad, even though it was brief time together, I'm sure we'll be friends forever.

Love your new Friends, Oatie & Mel

"Everybody remember where we parked."
-James Kirk, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, after landing the cloaked Klingon bird of prey in Golden Gate park