Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Day at the Cleveland Clinic

We started out our day leaving at 6:30am. Our first appt was at 9am. Noah had a swallow study done. Thanks to ABR Noah was able to get all the way to thin liquids. Now we need to work on a more organized swallow. That will come with lots of practice.
Our next appt was with his dietitian. Noah is 64lbs 6oz. and he is 4ft.2.5in. tall. She felt he looked very healthy.
His next appt. was with his gastrologist. Dr. K was very pleased with him. She did order some blood work to check his nutrition and white blood count levels. Noah only had to be poked once and he did so without any fussing. What a champ!!
The last appt was at 4pm with his new pulminologist Dr. R. He was very easy to understand and he took time to know Noah. Noah seemed at ease with him. The only thing that bothered me was he when lifted Noah's shirt to listen to his lungs, he made the comment that someone needs to lay off a few tube feeds. I was shocked because Noah is no where near fat. I really should have pointed out to him that he was a pulminologist and not a dietitian. I decided not to bother.

In between all his appts, Noah watched Despicable Me and different You-tube videos on his Ipad. What a great investment his Ipad has been. It sure helped him not to be stressed out while waiting. I told Noah if he was good boy I would take him to the mall afterwards and we would get a Browns outfit for his animal.
That is exactly what we did. Good job Noah, I'm so proud of you!!!!
You are a true blessing from God.
We also found the perfect shoes for Noah. The strap in the back is Velcro so, you can make them snug. They stayed on all the way home from Strongsvile and they were on clearance too. What a deal.

Until next time.............

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