Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Our trip to Montreal

After a long trip in the car we arrived at the new Ronald McDonald House. Its a lot nicer than the old one but you still had to park in the old parking lot. I'm sure glad my Mom and Dad were able to go with me and help me and stay with Noah when I needed to go get the van or take it back to the parking lot.
This is I guess you could call the lobby or entry way. This where they had computers set up for us to use.

This the one end of our room.
More views of our room.

Our bathroom.
The kitchen, this was only one half of the kitchen.
The dining room

The hall to the elevator.
These 2 pictures are of the teen room. They had several places to watch TV.

This is on the couch in the entry way.
This Leonid Blum the creator of ABR.
This Noah with two of the other families.
It was a very busy 2 days of training. It was supposed to be 4hrs of training for 2 days. It ended up being 2 days of 8 and 10 hour days. I came away from the training with mental overload and Noah came away with I believe sensory overload. He woke up at 1am the first night and Saturday he didn't sleep at all. His poor little body couldn't settle down enough to fall asleep or even rest. When Noah doesn't sleep then I don't sleep. It made for a very hard time trying to drive home on Sunday. Thank goodness he slept really well Sunday night in Niagara and we made it home safely.
The ABR team was very pleased with Noah's progress. Some of them haven't seen Noah in 2 years. It was great listening to Leonid during Noah's evaluation. He was very pleased with Noah and his progress. I really needed the confirmation that what we are doing for Noah is helping him. It gives us the drivewe needed to keep going on this journey.

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