Friday, April 8, 2011

Old Photo Friday

Twenty Two years ago today I married my best friend. Over the years we had our ups and downs but, I can still say I love Scott very much. This last week when I had to travel to Montreal without him, I realized how much I appreciate all the things he does to help out with Noah. He has always supported me in all the different things I have found to help Noah. When I first found ABR about 3 1/2 years ago he supported me even though at times he thought it seemed a little different and strange. We now have come to realize that its the best thing we have ever done for Noah.

I missed Scott so much last week while we were in Montreal. I realized how much I love him and lean on him for support when things get tough. He is the best Dad to our 3 wonderful children. Even though he didn't get to go with Noah and I, he really enjoyed spending time with Morgan and Emily by himself. Happy Anniversary Scott, I love you so much.

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