Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March is Trisomy Awareness Month

On this day March 8th during Trisomy Awareness Month I would like to introduce to you our son Noah with Trisomy 8.
Noah is a true blessing. I'm glad God chose me to be his Mom. He has taught me so much. Most days this is the way I feel. But, there are days that I ask why? I think how much our lives changed after Noah. I think about my girls missing out on so much growing up. They had to grow up so fast. I also think that they have grown up to be the most loving and compassionate people I know. I'm so proud of the mature ladies they have grown up to be.
There is a statistic saying that a married couple dealing with a special needs child is more likely to fail. I'm so glad that Scott and I are still together after almost 22yrs. Unfortunately, I'm not saying that we are always happy together. I wish that our relationship was stronger than it is. Sometimes I wish that we were half as happy as people percieve us to be. One thing I can say is, I love my husband very much and I'm happy we are still together and pray that somehow we can reconnect even more than we are.

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