Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Change of Plans

Last week while sitting in a Cleveland Clinic waiting room, I received this email:
Good morning, Susan
After a final meeting with Annie regarding the position as ABR Technician, we regret to inform you that we are no longer pursuing this route. The main factor in changing this decision is due to the numerous complaints that we are receiving from parents. For many of them, it is difficult for many of them to accept being trained by parents rather than the professionals that we have hired int he past. We were hoping they would see the benefits as we did; already have been where they are, personal experience, knowledge of ABR technique due to daily practice on your own child, etc.
We know that this will change the fact that there will no longer be any free ABR for you and Noah. However to compensate for this change we would like to invite you to your next session with Leonid free of charge. Naturally you will need to pay for you trip and expenses, but at least training would not cost anything an you will save on the usual trainers fee from a US based satellite. We need the confirmation of your attendance to the sessions as well as your choice of evaluation/assessment within the dates and times by Thursday March 17th.

Needless to say I was a bit disappointed and upset but, it is what it is and we needed to make a decision on what we were going to do. Scott and I talked and we decided the best thing to do would go ahead and take them up on their offer. The idea if Noah being evaluated by the creator of ABR Leonid just seemed the thing we really needed at this point in this journey. Leonid hasn't seen Noah in almost 2 years. The wealth of knowledge you get from sitting and watching a evaluation with him is beyond anything I have ever experienced before. He sees the results of all the hard work we have put in and gives you the inspiration an the drive to continue on this journey of ours.
When looking at our calender for the next couple of weeks, the only time we could go is next Wednesday March 30th. and we will be back on Tuesday April 5th. At least this way Noah and I will be able to spend Easter with our family. The one thing I'm praying for is that my Mom and Dad's passports get here before we leave so they can go with us.

Until next time,

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