Thursday, November 11, 2010

Never thought I would ever hear......

Noah Nov. 2010
Noah Dec. 2009

Wow he's fat. Let me back up about a year ago. Noah had just gotten out of the ICU at the Cleveland Clinic. He weighed 45lbs. Wore a size 8 and could still wear the largest baby diaper. Yes he was very skinny and yes he needed to gain some weight. His doctor started Noah on Bena-calorie and Bena-protein to hopefully help gain a little. By February Noah still hadn't gained anything. For whatever reason, maybe his body started processing things differently, I'm not sure but, in April Noah started gaining weight. Each time Noah went to the doctor through the summer he had gained a little bit more. I kept asking the doctor are you sure he needs to gain some more weight? He kept saying yes.(He was always wanting Noah on the growth chart) I second guessed that and fed him a little less but, he still gained. I started jokingly calling him lead butt. Because most of the weight was around his middle. Last week he had an appointment with his gastro-enterologist. The appointment went pretty well. I explained to her that Noah had gained 21lbs since April and I was wondering if his g-tube was still the right size. She asked what he was eating and commented on how good he looked. She then proceeded to lift his shirt..... she took a few seconds and then said " Wow he's fat!" I was thinking to myself..... someone just called my little boy fat. Are we still talking about the same little boy that looked so sickly a year ago? I then thanked her for understanding and seeing the same thing we have been seeing the last 6months. Noah has gained weight, he is healthier and doesn't need to gain anymore weight. He is actually still 6lbs shy of being on the growth chart. I feel (and his gastro-enterologist feels) that he doesn't need to be on the growth chart.

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