Thursday, May 7, 2009

In the Land of Round Bacon. . .

Well, we made it to Montreal on Wednesday at about noon. We checked into the Ronald McDonald House, settled in, then went immediately to the ABR clinic.
Noah`s evaluation went great! Leonid (creator of the ABR therapy) was very pleased with the progress Noah has shown so far. I think he was surprised, actually. Happily surprised.
We had some extra time today after our session was finished, so what did we do? We went to Wal Mart, of course! It`s reassuring to know that some things never seem to change, and Wal Mart is one of those things (one of the others is McDonald`s, which was inside the Wal Mart, and is where I ate a DOUBLE Big Mac! Am I dreaming or what?!). Everything was pretty much the same as it is at home, but we saw some skateboarding t-shirts in Noah`s size that had sayings printed on them in French. I was afraid to buy any since I didn`t know what they said! Oh well, Noah got a Montreal Canadienne`s t-shirt instead.
We`re here until Saturday. We`ll be leaving right after our session is over at noon. We`re planning on getting as far as Buffalo to spend the night, then driving the last 5 hours on Sunday.
Thanks for checking on Noah, and check back again soon!
Noah`s dad

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