Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy and upset at the same time.......

As you read in our earlier post...Noah's assessment went really well. On one hand I'm so happy with Noah's progress and that all our hard working is reaping some rewards. But, on the other hand I'm so upset and just thinking of all this brings me to tears again as I type this.

Let me explain myself...... I have searched high and low the last 11yrs for something that will give Noah a better quality of life. I've have dreamed of Noah being a bit more independent and able to interact with his peers better. To run and play like all the other little boys his age. Instead he sits and watches them run by. When I came across ABR about 2yrs ago I was wondering if it would work for Noah. I hoped and prayed that the success that we saw on the Demo DVD could actually be Noah one day. After doing ABR for the last 6 months we have seen what we call inchstones. It takes alot of inchstones to get the milestones but we are determined to see them someday. When Noah was assesst by Leaonid ( creator of ABR) last week he was shocked how far Noah has progressed that he had a offer for us....... Since Noah is responding to the therapy as well as he is, Leonid wants us to start using the ABR machine. In most cases familes would need to travel 4x a year for training. Starting in November we will start going 2x a year and start using the machine. In the last 3 months we were able to log in 189hrs manually. With the machine and manual together we would be able to log in over 100hrs a week. Sounds pretty good right? It would be wonderful to log that many hours in a week and see more inchstones quicker. I would love to be able to bring the machine home but the only thing that is getting in the way is money. It tears me up inside that we find the one thing that will help Noah the most we can't afford. It's as if I can reach and touch it but am not able to grab it. I can see my dream but I can't make it come true. How fair is that for Noah...... I guess I need to put my faith in God more. If he wants this for Noah he 'll provide it Right?

In order to bring home the machine in November we will need......
$2,265 for the training session in November (plus exspences)
$ 1545 for a deposit on the machine
$600 for the first and second months rental of the machine
$300 a month starting in January 2010 for the rental.
$350 trainers fee
Please pray we can provide this for Noah,


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