Monday, December 4, 2017

A Kid Again Christmas

On Saturday we went to the A Kid Again Christmas Party. It's a party for terminal ill children that have been granted a wish through Make A Wish.
We made Christmas cards and yes that is Scott doing a great job crafting away. Hehe
There was a bunch of games Noah could play.
We got up close and personal with some animals form the Columbus Zoo.

Noah always has a great time. He received this little cute dachshund at one of the games.
After the party we were able to meet up with a family that is going to start ABR in January.  We were able to answer a lot of questions they had. How nice it would have been to have had someone to ask the same questions to 10 years ago when we started ABR. We were nervous to start our ABR journey but we are so glad we did.
Speaking of ABR check out Noah's head control going through Walmart when we stopped on the way home.

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