Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bindi is Home!!!!

Bindi is home!!!
Noah and Bindi had a busy fun weekend together.
When she isn't on Noah's lap, she lays in her bed right beside him. A few people have made the comment that she seems too big.... actually she is smaller then what she appears in pictures. She fits perfect in Noah's lap and is big enough that she doesn't get hurt with Noah's big arm movements. In fact she doesn't even seemed fazed with them.
We went to the zoo on Friday. Bindi did really well. Noah and Bindi really enjoyed their day at the zoo.
Here they are hunting for wolverines. 

These monkeys eyed Bindi and really wanted out of their habitat to get her. Bindi didn't like that much.
We were really impressed with how well she did with all the people and animals.
Noah and Bindi loved watching the fish swim by at the aquarium.
We left the zoo and went to Raising Cane Chicken for lunch. Bindi was amazing.
Grater's Ice Cream was just next door so we decided why not have ice cream for dessert. We treated Bindi to some frozen dog treats.

On Saturday we got tickets to OSU spring game.
At first Bindi seemed OK in Noah's lap but as the shoe filled with the noise of 80,000 people and the band, Bindi got a bit nervous. I then held her tight in my lap and I was able to get her settled down enough by halftime and she was able to feel comfortable in Noah's lap again.

Noah had a great time with his first time at the Horseshoe for a OSU Buckeye game.
If was fun to experience it with Issiah and Emily as well.
I love the bond that Issiah and Noah has.
It was neat to see Bindi getting comfort from Noah. I can really see their connection flourishing.

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