Sunday, April 30, 2017

Bindi and The Columbus Clippers

We really enjoyed our day at the ballpark watching the Columbus Clippers.
Bindi has been doing really well at home helping with ABR therapy at home. She has been really struggling with her nerves when we are out and about. So much so that our trainer came last week to help me out. He said I was giving her negative reinforcement and to try and ignore her when we are doing outside the home and to tell her a stern NO.
Dale said to give her about 2-3 months and if she doesn't settle that he could switch her with a different dog. He said remember she is a working dog not a pet. That could be true but we have really grown to love her. I can't imagine what Noah would do....

I'm happy to report that Bindi do so well with the changes that she did much better today in church and at the ball field. She gave me hope....  She is the sweetest dog and really wants to do good.

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