Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Ohio State Men's Basketball

Scott, Noah and I were offered tickets to any game we wanted to go to. We chose the game that they played Michigan State. We bought Morgan, Brad and Emily tickets for Christmas.
We started off with pretty good seats but were soon moved to seats on the floor.
Noah was hoping to talk to Trevor Thompson but by the time we got our real seats they were done messing around on the court. Can this goof ball ever smile with his eyes open?

Brutus stopped by for a picture. What a great day we had.

Noah got really excited when Ohio State started really pulling away for the win.

When we were leaving one of the security guys said Noah needed to come back since he was the good luck charm.  We told him if they give us seats each time we would be glad to obliged.
Thank you Ohio State for a fun filled  family day and a Win!!!

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