Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Scariest Day

After getting home from the Indians game I tucked Noah into bed around 1:30. I also went to bed and made sure the Noah monitor by our bed was working and went to sleep. In the morning after not hearing Noah through out the night or morning, I thought he was sleeping in. How very wrong I was.... he was awake but he didn't look very good. He was just laying in his bed awake but not moving. I could feel the heat coming off of him. When I checked his temperature it was 107.5 and he looked almost grey.  I'm surprised how calm I was at the moment. I first tried to give him a shower to bring down his temp. It made little difference. I then got him dressed and put him in the van a rushed to the hospital. Thank goodness we only live 2 minutes away.
Ohio Health Shelby Hospital did a wonderful job getting Noah stabilized. That day was by far the scariest and hardest day of our lives.
Cleveland Clinic life flight did a great job keeping Noah comfortable during our flight to Cleveland.
If you look closely you can see our house to the left of the silos.
It was a quick a trip to Cleveland. It actually didn't feel like we were moving.
Taking off, flying and landing took 25 minutes.

It was so good to see Noah resting comfortably.
I remember trying to fall asleep on the makeshift bed on the window sill and hearing several life flights landing and listening to another Mom sobbing in the room next to us. She was living my nightmare. Her sweet little child didn't make it through the night. I pray that she has found peace.
Through all of what we were going through the one thing that kept us going was our friends and family. There were many prayers going up for us and Noah and we felt everyone of them.It was an awesome feeling to have so many Earth Angels lifting us up in prayer and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. It couldn't have done it without you.

I was so amazed that our child that was life flighted on Saturday was going home on Monday. In fact it scared me. Was he really ready to go home? Would I be able to take care of him and keep him on the road to recovery? But, because he didn't have a fever, wasn't needing oxygen and his belly was tolerating him eating they felt he was ready to go home.
It was taking forever for us to get our walking papers, ( Doesn't it always?) so Noah and I went to check out the aquarium.
Noah was very tired but we were so glad to be home.

When we got home we were still being blessed by some Earth Angels. From receiving flowers to having supper delivered to our door. In fact with all the leftovers I didn't have to worry about supper the whole week. It was so nice to have all my energy to focus on getting Noah  feeling 100% better. 
Thank you to all our Earth Angels during this time. We couldn't have done it without you.

I think Bela was happy to have Noah home too.

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