Friday, July 15, 2016

Monster Bash 2016

Monster Bash is a convention that is geared toward the classic monsters like Frankenstein, Wolfman, Creature from the Black Lagoon etc. We've been going to the Monster Bash for the last 17 years. We have met a lot of great friends over the years. In as much that Monster Bash has become a family reunion. The first person that always greets us when we come in is Eddie. He is a sweet kind hearted gentlemen. He is always so excited to be at Monster Bash.

Around everyone corner is a classic monster.
Jon and Mary are good friends of ours. The last couple of years they helped raise money to help out with Noah. They have helped purchase Noah's bed, several years ago they helped pay for ABR training  and last year they helped with Noah's ramp and our new porch. What a blessing they are.In case you want to check out their website. Femme Fatale Records
Monster Bash has a movie room where they show black and white movies, have guest that played in the movies and a comedian named Don Reese. Don is a good friend of ours as well. Some of you may remember when Don came to our very first fundraiser for Noah.
This year Mark Statler presented Don with some headgear.I know he looks goofy but it brought back memories of one of his jokes he used to use  years ago that included talking about wanting an antenna on his head. Now he has his antenna.
On Sunday morning the Bash offers church. Father Mike does an awesome job.
Another good friend Barb Heiss with the Robot Monster
Noah with Abbott and Costello.
The Sheaffer Family with Brian Nichols.
Scott and Greg Nicotero, of KNB EFX Group and second unit director of The Walking Dead. Greg wasn't a planned guest he just popped in to see Tom Sivini.
The Sheaffer Family with Sam Borowski. He is the producer of a Creature Feature: 60 Years of the Gillman It's a documentary about the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Noah is in it at the very end when he was 5 years old.
Sam and Matt ( the director) presenting the Creature Feature at Monster Bash.
Noah  bashed out in the hotel lobby on Sunday night.
A Bash tradition, dinner out with friends on Sunday night.

Bash goodbyes usually start on Sunday night and continue on Monday morning. Until next time.

Usually our first hello is also our last goodbye. Love ya Eddie, until next time.

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Anonymous said...

Love your BLOG, Susan but this particular one with the Monster Bash photo album brought tears to my eyes. No kidding. Made me misty-eyed, while already looking forward to next year. Love you guys, and hopefully, we can do the auction again for Noah on Saturday night. Hopefully, the carpet won't bother him, as much. ;) Keep in touch, and take care of Noah, the King of the Monster Bash! Stay Fresh :)

- Sam B