Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A Day With The Ohio State Buckeyes

Noah and Scott got to have a day with the Ohio State Men's Basketball team.
They both received a bag, shorts and a shirt to wear. Scott was so excited that he can finally fit into a 3x shirt. He says he didn't feel he looked real well in it yet but I thought he looked great. Keep up the great work sweetie. I love you.
Noah with David Bell.
Jae Sean Tate and Marc Loving
Trevor Thompson remembered Noah from last year. He has been following Noah on Instagram. He said that Noah has made a good impact on his life.

Noah and Scott had a great time playing basketball with Jimmy Jent.

Micah Potter saw Noah sitting off by himself and he came over to say hi.
Thanks Micah for taking the time to talk to Noah. It made his day.
Noah and Scott had a fun day playing basketball with the Ohio State Buckeyes but the best part of their day is when we were invited to come to a home game of our choice. Noah is so excited to see them play a game for the first time. Thanks A Kid Again for another fun day just being a kid.

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