Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Noah/ Kehres Day 2

Scott and I had a great day in Marblehead. It was a beautiful day by the lake.
It was a bit cold but the view was amazing. Next time we'll have to pack a picnic lunch.

While we were gone Noah got to enjoy his day with the Kehres'. We are so blessed to have someone we can truly trust and they love having him around. He went on a walk and cried when they went back home, so they went for another walk. I guess he is pretty easy to spoil because it sure didn't take the Kerhes long for Noah to wrap them around his little finger.
Noah even got to help the Kehres get their camper at the KOA ready for the summer.
Talk about being spoiled, Scott and I were to be out spending time together without Noah and we couldn't help ourselves when we found some pjs we knew he would like. How can you not spoil a face this cute? 
I would just like to thank the Kehres' from the bottom of our hearts for making respite not scary anymore. Noah gets so excited when we tell him he is going to your house and Scott and I have really enjoyed our time together. Once a month just seem enough only because Noah enjoys spending time with you.

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