Friday, October 9, 2015

A Perfect Night

 At one time I thought the perfect night for Noah would be going to a school dance with a "typical" girl from school. It would show he truly fit in right? But actually he would probably  still be seen as the boy in a wheelchair and not just Noah.
Noah made it clear to me that he wanted to go to the dance and he wanted to ask his friend Paige from his class. So Noah and I made a sign so he could ask her to homecoming.

He was happy she said yes. For 2 weeks I got to see a very happy girl every morning when I would take Noah to school. Paige was so excited that her friend Noah and her were going to a dance together.

I got to witness the coolest moment between two friends.  He went to homecoming with someone who sees Noah as a true friend. Not a boy in a wheelchair, in fact I can almost guarantee Paige doesn't even see Noah's chair. Paige sees Noah as just a boy, a boy that happens to be her friend. Noah's night couldn't have been anymore perfect.
Thanks Paige for being Noah's friend.

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