Sunday, February 15, 2015

Knock On Wood

I hope I haven't jinxed myself when I say Noah has had a great winter so far. Everyone in the house has had the stomach flu and now a cold has started through the house. Noah is the only one that has stayed healthy. Although he has just started with a bit of a cough. I started doing breathing treatments and using his Vest again. ( First time since last June) Hopefully I can keep it at bay and not have it turn into  what Scott and I dealt with the last couple of weeks. So far so good.
You might be asking yourself what he has on his head, it is a special wrap we use for his ABR machine. It's working on his occipital. ( better head control) I just figure I may as well get 2 things done at the same time. Don't you just love his goofy grin?

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