Sunday, November 23, 2014

What a Crazy Week

What a crazy week traveling to Montreal for ABR therapy. From a strange man coming in our hotel room to driving around the big storm in Buffalo. The drive usually takes me about 11 hrs. This time it took me 18 hrs to get home. I usually stop in Hamburg New York for the night and drive the rest of the way home the next day. This week  we stopped just outside of Toronto, Canada. We got one of the last rooms at a Residence Inn. It was a great place to rest and for Noah to have fun swimming. I was amazed how much better Noah is swimming. I took a video that you can view if you click on this link.

Before we had left for Montreal Noah started running a fever.I took him to the doctor before we left and was told it was just a virus. While gone Noah continued to blow out a lot of mucus. On Saturday morning, after we had returned home, Noah woke up with his cheek swollen. Back to the doctor we went and he was diagnosed with a acute sinus infection. Poor little guy can't catch a break.
This morning he was looking much better. When I get our ABR progress report I will post it here.

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