Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Busy Week

On Monday I took Noah to his preop appt. with Noah's pediatrician Dr. Moneme. It really well. He is 64.8lbs and Dr. Moneme said Noah's lungs have never sounded better. And that's with no breathing treatments or vest treatments for 6 weeks. :) Go Noah!!!!
These other 2 pictures is Noah having fun while waiting on the doctor to come him. In case you are wondering..... yes Noah is happy in this picture.

Monday evening Noah had a 4-H meeting. His club is rapping things before the fair the week of Aug 3rd. Noah got to hold the flags for the pledge.

On Tuesday Noah had to receive a meningitis and a pneumonia shot for his upcoming cochlear implant surgery.    

On Wednesday he had fun greeting and passing out bread to the clients at a our local food pantry.
On Thursday Noah helped Maddie and Issiah decorate a flower pot for 4-H.
On Saturday Noah helped his 4-H club sell baked goods at the Farmers Market to make money for the fair.
On Saturday we took Noah shopping and he wanted to carry his own bag. When I stopped to take a picture he started to swing it around and twirl it around his wrist. Check out that grip....

This next week is starting out to be just as busy. Millers is coming to the house Monday morning for a much needed hover haul on Noah's wheelchair. We are also hoping to hear something back from insurance on Tuesday about his upcoming surgery. We've done everything we need to do to get ready for surgery and now it's insurances turn. Please pray for a answer this week and the answer to be surgery approved.

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