Friday, May 16, 2014

How Does a Cochlear Implant Work?

We are waiting on financial clearance from Noah's insurance, in order to schedule surgery. His surgery will probably be in July. Then there is a 2 week healing time and then they will activate his implant.
I can't wait until he can hear his world again. I look back and I can't remember the last time he stopped rolling all over the floor and made his way to the TV to watch the Cleveland Indians play. I sometimes feel bad that I didn't notice and did something sooner for him. Nothing I can do about that now.
I'm hoping to be able to afford to take him back to a Indians game after his Cochlear Implant is in and turned on. To be able to see him react to all the sounds of a baseball game, brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.
The clear piece on the left is the one that will be inserted on his scalp, under his skin. It has a magnet in it for the white circle to attach to it on the outside. The piece that looks like a hearing aide (the processor) will be gray and the cord and coil will be brown.
Can't wait until  a new door of Noah's world is opened for him.

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