Thursday, March 20, 2014

He's Growing Little By Little

Noah had a physical today. He weighs 64.8lbs and is 54 inches tall. He still isn't on the growth chart but, he has gained 7lbs. this year and grew a 1/2 inch.  His doctor was very pleased with how Noah looks. He has no break done of skin, no scoliosis, his hips are in great shape, his joints are relaxed and not tight and spastic. Most kids with CP have problem with their hips going out or having scoliosis.  I really feel  that all the hard work of continuing ABR has kept Noah's body in such great shape.

I also asked for a referral to a nutritionist so maybe I can have one that supports me on using a blenderized diet. The next time Noah needs to see the GI doctor at the Cleveland Clinic I want to be able to tell her that I found my own nutritionist that supports me. Every time we go I feel have to defend myself. What so wrong with feeding my child real food? I must be doing something right, he has gained 7 lbs. for goodness sake.

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