Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

 The month of December has been the sickest Noah has ever had.

There has been far too many doctor visits.
It left no time to get into the Christmas spirit.  We haven't even been to church.

I finally got my tree up with a little elf from Alaska. We decided to put it Noah's room.
We finally started to see more smiles from Noah.
 Christmas just isn't Christmas without some baking.

 Noah had a great time!!!
 Last Friday I took Noah to school for his Christmas party in his class. He was just in time to join in with some karaoke in the school cafeteria.

He enjoyed seeing all his friends and teachers.

 I thought I got a really good picture of him and his friends and when I got home I noticed he had stuck his tongue out. The little booger.....
I'm glad he is finally feeling better and can enjoy the holidays.
Merry Christmas

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