Thursday, May 16, 2013

Noah Needs A Safer Bed

When Noah was 4yrs old he was getting to big for the baby bed he was sleeping in. We put him in a regular twin bed with a bed rail. One night the little booger called out to me, I went to check on him and he was stuck between the mattress and the bed rail with his feet in the air. Something had to be down in order to keep him safe in his bed.

We then went to a bed made by Step 2.

At first it actually worked really well. It was high enough that it didn't hurt my back and with the help of a bed rail it kept him safe in his bed.
Over 2 years ago he started hurting himself. The bed is made to look like wood. The bumpiness of the plastic is a bit ruff on Noah's skin. He scoots and moves around in his bed and rubs his skin raw.  He is in so much pain that he makes himself sick. The last time he did this he had a 103 fever and ended up with pneumonia. This has got to stop....... 

I have been fighting insurance and our DME provider for over 2 years to get a Sleep Safe bed for Noah. It's the perfect bed for Noah. It has sides that fold down and we can even get padding for the sides. I wouldn't have to worry about Noah getting hurt or falling out of his bed. I could rest easier if I knew he was safe in his bed.
Insurance will only pay for a regular hospital bed. Noah doesn't need a hospital  bed he needs a bed  that will keep him safe. Can you imagine what would happen if he was put into a hospital bed? (even if it had added padding) Nothing good would come of it.

Our only hope now is finding someone to build a bed for Noah or, coming up with $8,000 to buy one.
Gosh, why does thing have to be so darn difficult.............

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Phil Dzialo said...

There never appears to be a sensible solution. Our latest was was to buy a Sealy Posturpedic flex-a-bed. It fully adjusts and we put a 5 inch thick memory form mattress on it. Put sides on it like for a toddler and we put pillows on it between the side rail and him. So he sinks into the memory foam and with body pillows between he and the sides...can't move much because he sinks into the memory foam. Only a solution for the month, something will change! Always does.