Saturday, April 20, 2013

What every special needs child should come with.

 I often think about what a special needs child should come with.  Parker's Mom Recently wrote a blog about it.
 It's been 15yrs since I've been part of the special needs club. It's been a long hard road at times. It's been very stressful and overwhelming but, I wouldn't trade anything. I love being Noah's Mom. He is such a blessing and has taught me many things.
  What every special needs child should come with:
1. A Angel
For the days when you are too exhausted and overwhelmed to even know what to pray for, how fantastic would it be to simply look over at your Angel and without a word uttered be able to share your heart and know that your Angel will be on their way to plead in your behalf until you are able to think straight again.

2. A Maid
 When you get the news that your child has Trisomy 8 and cp (or any other diagnosis)there should be a light tap at you door and in should walk your new maid.  Because  you are about to be bombarded with more information than one brain can possibly hold, knowing that your home will be clean and dinners on the table would go far in allowing you to focus on being a good Mom and wife. I get so overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done I tend to do nothing and then I feel guilty which me makes me more overwhelmed.

3.A Medical Bank Account
Notice I didn’t type ‘suddenly become a millionaire’ or something like that. It’s not about being able to go out and buy the latest bling.    I’m talking about a bank account that can only be accessed  after your insurance company turns you down for the zillionth time for something your kid needs to keep him safe while sleeping, or even something that would increase the quality of your kid’s life by getting him out in his world easier.  I believe there is a huge relationship between the mind and body.

4. Good Neighbors and Friends
 We have been so blessed to have the best community to live and raise Noah in. Having a special needs child tends to feel like you are alone in the world, having friends and family that support you have helped tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of hearts. We  feel so loved.

 When people offer up prayers in our behalf we can actually feel them.  Prayers for peace.  Prayers for the doctors to have the wisdom to know what best to do to keep Noah healthy.  Prayers to banish the fear.  Prayers to ask for us to be able to hear the whisperings of the Still Small Voice.   The value of a heart felt prayer, uttered with true faith and desire is priceless.

Because, a post without a picture of Noah would just be wrong:
Noah has been feeling great. He rebounded from his last "attack" and enjoying the sunshine.

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