Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas 2012

With all the construction going on at our house, the Charlie Brown tree is the only tree we had. I kinda liked the whole simple is better concept. Especially since we all passed around the cold that wouldn't go away forever during the holidays as well.

The best part of Christmas was watching Noah with all the other kids in the Christmas program at church.
Since I wasn't feeling well, I didn't get all the picture I  wanted. Oh well at least we have some.
I got Morgan and Emily shirts that haven't come yet but, I printed off a copy of the shirt and wrapped it up. Here is Emily modeling her "shirt". 

Noah received a bunny that I added a feeding tube, hearing aides and he was sitting in a wheelchair.
Noah loved it!!!
Now I need to add one more thing. Can you guess what it is?

Noah loves opening gifts on Christmas morning.

Morgan, Emily and Noah at Uncle Paul's.
Noah gave Grandma Sheaffer a mug he colored himself. She loved it!!

When Morgan was born 21 years ago I vowed I would always have Christmas put away and we would make her day special just for her. I did that for 20 years and then this year  we were making plans to get together for Christmas. The Sunday after Christmas came up (Dec 30th. Morgan's birthday) I guess it was time to start new traditions.
When Morgan and Brad got engaged, he asked if he got a Proud Brother-in-Law shirt. This year at Christmas I was able to make it happen. 

I always wondered what my girls thought about me growing up. I guess this sign tells it all.

Noah went shopping with his class and he picked out this tattoo sleeve for Brad.
Not sure why he thought Brad would like it but, he looks pretty good. Haha

Noah really liked his Perry the Platypus hat and gloves he received from Morgan and Brad.

Scott had to get in on the fun and try on the tattoo sleeve.
What do you think?

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