Monday, December 10, 2012

Noah Can Hear

 Noah gave the receptionist, Denise at theCleveland Hearing and Speech Center a poinsettia and a thank you card. She is the one that got the President to go ahead and order his hearing aides. In fact, because of Noah they now have a all new precedence on how they order hearing aides. They are now going to order the hearing aides for all children and then worry about insurance afterwards. That way not another child has to wait to be able to hear.
 First they checked Noah for any wax in his ears. Surprisingly he didn't have any.
 He was then fitted with his hearing aides.
 They programed Noah's hearing aides digitally with a computer. When we talked to him you could tell he was hearing something because, his eye brows would go up.  His brain has to get used to all the new noises and figure out what they are and where they are coming from.
 They are a really good fit. He wore them to the mall and all the way home and they never fell out. When we got home, I put him on the floor on his mat. He actually was rolling and scooting while watching TV and they stayed in. I was really happy that he could still do one of his favorite things and he could hear while doing it.
When it was time to do his vest before bed, I asked him if he could hear the TV. He excitedly said, "Yes"

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Phil Dzialo said...

Absolutely wonderful news...could not have been given a greater gift for the holidays!