Friday, September 28, 2012

We are so excited, 2 more days....

 Ten and half years ago Noah went to his first and last Indian's game at Jacob's Field. (We went to a Red's Indian's game in Cincinnati once.) Scott got 4 free tickets from work. Noah was small enough he could sit on my lap. It was fun but, man was I sore the next day.
 The girls made sign's to cheer on the team.
 To bad digital cameras weren't available back then. I would have made sure Noah looked a little more happy to be there because, he was very excited.
It started out to be kinda of  a wet day and then turned out to be pretty nice.
Ever since then, I've dreamt of taking Noah again and watching him run the bases with his Dad.
Because of a friend of Scott's I'm going to see that dream become a reality. Scott's friend gave us tickets to the game on Sunday. It so happens to be a Kid Fun Day.
So, after the game Noah and his Daddy will be running the bases.
I can't wait!!!!!!
Thanks, Dave


Phil Dzialo said...

Wonderful and very exciting....

BethAnnWallace said...

That is so wonderful ~ I hope you had a wonderful time if today was your Sunday to go! <3 from Lancaster, Ohio we are Reds & Indian Fans! (Also huge Browns fans)